3 Simple Ways To Stop Absorbing Bad Energy From Others

saying No

The past few weeks God has shown me alot about the impact of negative energy in my life. Through a book that I am reading (which I will talk more about in another post) I read about the impact that past pain can have on our day to day life.

I was speaking with my sister the other day and she was expressing how she felt that she keeps repeating certain things in her life and she chalked it up to a lesson that she obviously isn’t learning from God yet. And honestly until I started reading this book I thought the same. Infact I thought I might even be under demonic attack for some reason or another – because I seemed to never be able to got off merry-go-round of bad circumstances. I felt as though I was drowning in bad situations.

Then it hit me, “step back for a second… this isn’t normal… something isn’t right.” What was happening was more then the occasionally test of faith or “life” as I was taught to believe. There was much much more going on here that I was missing.

That was when I found the book I am reading. (I will do a full overview when I finish reading it, I promise). But for now I want to focus on what God and the Holy Spirit has revealed to me through the book. I have alot of past pain (negativity) that I have buried deep inside. I thought by holding onto it, that I was protecting myself – I thought that if I let go of it, the same situations and relationships would happen all over again and I would have to go through those horrible experiences all over again. But what I didn’t realize was… that by holding on to those negative experiences (that pain)… I was producing negative energy around me – which in turn was drawing negative circumstance too me!

If you have ever read the Law of Attraction or the Secret – you know exactly what I’m talking about. But this life lesson from God wasn’t about manifestation, it was about cleaning out the cobwebs and learning what it truly meant to forgive and release. The book in which this whole process is taught is called; “Living A Life Of Joy” by John Randolph Price-specifically the part called the Forgiveness Inventory . I will be doing another post about my experience and outcome when I’m done.

As important as it is to continue to prevent negative energy influence in your life, I’ve learned that it has little to no effect unless…. you’ve clean out the cobwebs first.

So if you’ve already gone through the Forgiveness Inventory; dusted off your inner shelves, spring cleaned your temple from top to bottom and opened the drapes so God’s rays of sunshine can begin a fresh start in your life… the the following 3 simple ways will help you to stop absorbing negativity around you – so that you can stay fresh, crisp and clean!

1. Say “NO” To TV

Wow, that was a kick in the gut right? But it’s that true the average American watches 4 hours of TV a day. The most common shows watched are Soaps & Sitcoms and News. What are these full of??? Drama, negativity, bad news and more drama.

My husband and made the decision after reading a book (surprising how much more time I have to read now) from Chip & Joanna Gaines to stop watching TV. wanna know something funny… they don’t even own a TV! I was actually shocked, I figured that maybe they limited what they watched, but to actually not own one and furthermore they never make a space for a TV in any of their homes they fix up on their show either. I was inspired, determined and prodded to finally say “NO” to TV. We are actually selling ours and limiting ourselves to only watching 1 movie a month. This is HUGE for me, I was very addicted to watching movies.

2. Evaluate Your Friendships

Social media has gotten us into very bad habits of having lots of “none” friends effecting our lives. We can spy on what is going on in others lives, (get our fix of drama) and never really be there for that person or visa versa.

Or if their the kind of friend that you have to “prepare” yourself to be around and then leave you feeling emotionally and physically drained… then you need to evaluate your friendships.
Remember the people you want in your life are the people who are going to rebuke you in love, but be there to support you and visa versa.

It will help to remind yourself that it’s never your responsibility to fix another person’s problems, not even a family member. If they can’t help themselves, don’t carry their burden for them. Giving in to someone’s drama won’t help either of you. So you may need to decrease your circle of friends, including facebook… and that is a good thing!

I do this at least once a year.

3. Say “NO”,  More Often

I know we already discussed the importance of saying “no” to TV. But alot of the reason why we absorb so much negative energy is we say “yes” to things that we should be saying “no” to. We have literally set ourselves up for a negative circumstance.

Learning to say “no” is a healthy habit to establish, everyone has different tolerance levels and therefore there is no definite rule of thumb for when to say “No”. But just think about the scenario before you say “yes” to it. Think about why you would be saying yes.

If you are doing something to please someone else. That’s a good sign to say “NO”. If you literally are feeling overwhelmed at the thought of saying yes… that’s a good sign to say “NO”.  Do you feel guilty if you don’t say yes… that’s another sign to say “NO”.

We should never do things out of guilt; obligation, pressure, haste or just because. Know why you are saying “yes” and identify the assurance you get from the Spirit that when you do say “yes” your excited or at peace.

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