Citrus Essential Oils – What’s In Your Bottle???

Citrus Essential Oils

Citrus essential oils are a bit different than other essential oils. They are cold pressed from the peel of the fruit. (or at least they should be)…

Cold pressed is the way that the oils are extracted from the citrus fruit, when a citrus essential oil says the extraction method is cold pressed it means the essential oils are being extracted by take the peel and press it. The oils that comes off are gathered, no further heat or processing is involved.

Here is a diagram of what a cold pressed extraction process looks like…

Cold Pressed Extraction

This simple process is the best extraction method for citrus essential oils- but it is both good, and bad. Good, because it provides you with such a clean pure product, and bad… because if the citrus fruit is NOT certified organic then the fruit has been sprayed with toxic or harsh pesticides, larvicides, insecticides. This means that 100% of the toxic chemicals that are on the peel of the fruit are going directly into into your expressed citrus essential oils!


I don’t know about you, but this is a pretty big deal. The whole point in using essential oils is to benefit from their natural healing properties… if the essential oils being used are laced with harsh chemicals and toxic pesticides – it kinda, no definitely defeats the whole purpose!

“There are over 400 chemical biocides (pesticides or herbicides) that might be used on aromatic plants, and many of these do carry over during the steam distillation process. The products of cold pressed citrus oils are even more likely to retain any biocides.” ~Robert Tisserand

That is why it’s critically important that when you use essential oils… especially citrus oils you’re ONLY using USDA certified organic citrus oils, otherwise they contain very high concentrations of toxic chemicals in your essential oils! You may think this is nothing to be concerned about but your skin is a living breathing organ, whether you believe it or not you do absorb chemicals through your skin – just as surely as you absorb the health benefits of essential oils.

I know you probably already know this, otherwise you wouldn’t really be using essential oils to begin with. If you have been following my blog posts or my videos you know that I have been doing essential oil company reviews.

So let me take this time to share the only 3 companies on the market that sell 100% organic or wildcrafted essential oils. These are the only 3 companies that I can safely recommend for you to use and I will list them starting with my favorite first.

Miracle.-Botanicals essential oils




Miracle Botanicals
Not to be mistaken for the big name brand known as “Miracle“, which I had done a review on awhile back. They are far from the same.

Miracle Botanicals is based out of Hawaii, the oils are all either 100% organic or wildcrafted. Even the carrier oils used to dilute the blends are organic and of the finest quality. Hope Johnson and her husband personally oversee to every essential oil. She makes all the blends herself at her family home on the Big Island of Hawaii. Each blend receives personal attention from Reiki master Hope before they are lovingly bottled, packaged and sent off to wherever they can be of greatest value.

In market comparison, her essential oils are very affordable… for the extra care attention and healing blessings applied to each bottle – these are by far my favorite!


floracopeia essential oils





Their products range from essential oils to skincare and much more. All of which are 100% organic or wildcrafted. You can tell from their website that they are very down to earth and nature lovers.

They also don’t allow anyone without either an aromatherapy or similar degree to sell their oils. They feel it’s extremely important for people to be educated about how to properly use essential oils, so they even providing a training course!

Price wise I believe they are alittle cheaper then Miracle Botanicals, but they are still incredibly fair in price comparison to those “top brands” on the market.


Purify Skin Therapy Essential oils





Purify Skin Therapy

I really like Purify Skin Therapy’s products. What I loved the most was that Holly Draper, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, Internationally Registered Aromatherapist, who is the founder – is also personally responsible for overseeing the quality and creation of the essential oils. She has 14 years experience with aromatherapy and is very passionate about her work.

All their products are 100% organic or wildcrafted and they definitely have the seals to prove it! My personal favorite part about Purify Skin Therapy is the pregnancy and baby/children’s section. Holly goes into great detail sharing what oils are safe to use, how much to use, how to apply and pretty much anything else you can think of related to being pregnant and using essential oils. I find this very helpful!

My one draw back and the reason why they are third on my list, is… the customer service. I’ve emailed them numerous amounts of time and never got any replies. I never tried calling though – so their phone support maybe better. Price wise they are very affordable – relatively close to my other 2 choices above and considerably better then those “top brands” on the market.

I know that whom you choose to buy essential oils from is completely up to you, but for me… organic or wildcrafted is the only way to go.


Best Organic Essential Oils

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