DIY Shower Steamers For Cold & Flu Season

DIY Shower Steamers

My friend Rima and I exchange essential oil recipes and she happened to mention the other day that this is cold and flu season -so I should make up a batch of Thieves Oil to have on hand. If you don’t know Thieves Oil is used in treating colds and the flu, (I will leave the recipe for Thieves Oil below) but I said to her that I didn’t really need it because I use a what I call “cure all” supplement.

I stumbled across this “cure all” supplement last summer when we where looking for all natural cures for lymes disease (I’ll write a post on that later). But yes this supplement even curse lymes disease , so you can understand why I highly recommend it and I always make sure I have it stocked in my cupboard.

Anyway… after sharing this supplement with her, we exchanged essential oil recipes and off we went. Today I made a video about the 4 All Natural Ingredients That You Need To Have Stocked In Your Cupboard During Cold & Flu Season, Eucalyptus being one of the 4.

So I wanted to share how to make cold & flu shower steamers using eucalyptus essential oils, because they are perfect for helping with congestion and sinus infections.

silicone baking moldsThese Silicone Non Stick Baking Molds work great for making your own shower steamers, you can buy them here on Amazon.








silicone baking molds


Here is the list of ingredients that you will need:

How To Make DIY Shower Steamers For Cold & Flu Season:

  1. In a bowl, combine baking soda, citric acid, and corn starch, mixing until no lumps are present.
  2. Stir in 1 tablespoon of water at a time and about 5-8 drops of eucalyptus oil. Stir until the mixture sticks together like making a snowball. It will still look kind of dry, but if you take a handful of the mixture and squeeze it, it should turn pack easily into a ball. Too much water will make the mixture continue to react and continue puff up more.
  3. Once you get the “snowball” consistency, fill your molds. If you used too much water in the mixture, you can counteract this by adding a bit more corn starch to the mix if it is too wet. (you will know if it is too wet because it will continue to fizz while drying)
  4. Leave the molds out overnight to air dry. When they are sufficiently hardened, they should release from your molds fairly easily, if they are still wet, they will not fall out with ease. (don’t worry if you don’t get the consistency right the first time, it takes a bit of practice to know just how much water to add. But you’ll get the hang of it!)
  5. Store in a mason jar or use right away. For extra scent you can add a few drops of eucalyptus right before you pop it into the shower with you.

When  using: 

Drop one DIY shower steamer at the far end of the bathtub or shower, away from direct stream of water. It will fizz away too quickly if you put it directly under the water, take your shower as normal, breathing in the deep healing aromas!

Other oils you could add for even deeper healing would include any of the following essential oils:

Now, I promised you I would leave the recipe for Thieves Oil below – so here it is…

DIY Thieves Essential Oil Recipe

You can combined these together in an empty essential oils bottle to have on hand. You can make it into Thieves Tea, you can add Jojoba Oil to help carry the oils or like me you can apply it straight up. (because of the cinnamon you may find a slight burn or tingling feeling – which is why some use a carrying oil to help calm down the oils).

thieves tea

Here’s to kicking another cold & flu season in the butt!

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