Essential Oils To Calm Anxiety

A dear friend of mind shared with me the other night, at Bible study that she deals with anxiety. Currently her doctors have her on a prescription. I think it’s exciting and amazing how God has brought me through tough situations and chronic diseases, so that I might be in place to help others have hope and find healing.

I was placed on depression medication shortly after Josh and I got engaged, it caused a huge list of issues for me as well as brain paralysis. But I’ll save that story for another time.

Ya’ll know how I feel about western medicine, none the less I never push anything on my friends or family – I always wait for people to ask for help, before I make any recommendations. She asked how I handled my depression and if there where any essential oils for anxiety.

So I proceeded to share this information with her…

You Are Not Depressed

I found this video about a year ago and it has really changed the way I feel and respond to depression. Depression or anxiety is something you are dealing with, it is something you feel right now… it is NOT who you are. When we say “my depression/anxiety” or  “I’m depressed/anxious” we are claiming to be that entity.

We are NOT, the Bible tells us in Genesis 1:27 that we are made in the image of God, Psalms 82:6 says we are sons & daughters of God, God calls us His children and in Ephesians 2:10 we are called His masterpiece.

When we identify who we are in God’s eyes and what depression/anxiety is… we will stop claiming it as our identity. We will not feel threatened by it, nor fear it. We will simply let it pass in and out of our lives, like the clouds talked about in the video above.

I dealt with depression for years before understanding this.

Next, if you deal with depression or anxiety due to chemical or hormonal imbalance, there are natural ways to set you right again. If you’ve been on over the counter medication for longer then 30 days you will need to cold turkey your meds and start a detox – whilst starting the natural path.

If you don’t stop taking the meds and detox, then the natural regiment below will do you no good. Literally it has no effect and you might as well not bother. So only begin this journey if you’re ready to commit.

Let’s begin…

If you’ve been on meds for 30days – 6months then you can probably do just a week detox. Anything longer then 6 months I am going to recommend you do a 30 day detox. You can detox through teas, or buy a detox kit. Whichever you prefer. I went the tea route myself because it was easier for me at the time. While detoxing, begin taking one of the following supplements or tinctures to bring about balance. You will continue to take either of these as needed after the detox period.

Organic Anxiety SupplementOption 1. I prefer to take tinctures myself because your body absorbs tinctures better then supplements. I use to recommend Herbal Life products, but after looking on the ingredients list I found that they contain soy!

Soooo… there out.

I found this organic mood supplement blend, that contains a good collection of herbs that help with anxiety. It’s by Kromha Herbs, you can get it for $21.99 on Amazon.

Calm Now anxiety Relief

Option 2. This supplement is great, it has all the herbs that help with anxiety- minus the ones that make you drowsy. So if you’re wanting something to take first thing in the morning or whenever you’re feeling anxious… this might be a good option for you. It’s called Calm Now by Zhou Nutrition, it can be bought on Amazon for $19.99.

If you’d rather find you’re own supplements or combined your own mix of herbs, I’ve complied a list of the most effect herbs to calm anxiety, without causing drowsiness.

  1. Lavender
  2. Passionflower
  3. Lemon Balm
  4. Ashwagandha
  5. L-theanine

You can get these in tinctures or supplements, you will want to be sure the products you buy are organic, non-GMO and NO SOY. I do alot of my hunting on Amazon, because I have Amazon Prime so I get 2 day shipping. Be sure to read the ingredients.

Let These Essential Oil Blends Battle Your Anxiety For You

essential oils for anxietyAnother great option is creating your own blend of essential oils. Depending on the severity of the anxiety or depression, you may find just using essential oils is enough for you.

The thing I love most about natural healing and treatment… is you’re the boss when it comes to what your body needs. And because you’re not on artificial drugs you can feel what your body is telling you. You can stop and start regiments without having to detox or worry about medication overlap side effects!

It’s also very empowering knowing that you can utilize God’s creation to help mend you.

You can apply these anti-anxious essential oil blends, topically or use in a diffuser. When I was shopping for essential oil diffusers the other day, I actually found that you can buy diffusers for your car, which I think is great. Freshen up your car and get aromatherapy at the same time! They also make diffuser necklaces, so you can enjoy the blend wherever you go. You can also get diffuser jewelry, necklaces, earrings and even bracelets. Their really pretty and help if you need to have the blend on you continuously throughout the day!

So I went and put together a few these essential oil recipe blends for you, that you can DIY at home.


Soothing Citrus Flower

Sweet Orange
Kaffir Lime

Earthly Essence

Ylang Ylang
White Fir

Soothing Summer

Sweet Orange
Roman Chamomile
Angelica Root
Kaffir Lime

To make any of the above blends, you will need an empty essential oils bottle (either blue or brown).

*Whenever you apply essential oils topically… you MUST dilute with a carrier oil. Types of carriers oils that you can use are; fractioned coconut oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil or almond oil. You will want to make sure that whichever oil you choose, that you buy organic.

When diluting essential oils the rule of thumb is 12 total drops of essential oil to 1 fl oz of carrier oil. Remember essential oils are avery high concentration of that plant or herb so don’t use it directly on your skin or consume without diluting. If you’re diffusing one of the blends above then you won’t need to dilute, just follow the directions on the box for diffusing. You can read more about proper dilution in my blog post “Everything you Need To Know About Diluting Essential Oils

the pursuit of happinessLastly I would like to make the suggestion of listening to an audio book that I recently bought called The Pursuit To Happiness-21 Spiritual Rules to Success. I’ve been listening and reading more books about being happy and how to have more joy in life. This was one of my favorites because it really defines happiness and God’s true intent for us being happy. Also it has you go through several exercises and steps to identify areas in your life that you may be limiting your personal happiness.

I hope this little blurb helps you with dealing with anxiety or depression. Feel free to message me or leave a comment below if you have any questions or you just need to chat with someone!

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