Essential Oils To Stop Snoring

essential oils for snoring

Thankfully Josh and I don’t regularly snore. But occasionally stuffy noses and sinus problems bring a onslew of throaty deep vocals from our bedroom.

So what causes snoring exactly?

Many factors, such as the anatomy of your mouth and sinuses, alcohol consumption, allergies, a cold, muscle tension in the neck region and your weight, can lead to snoring.

When you doze off and progress from a light sleep to a deep sleep, the muscles in the roof of your mouth (soft palate), tongue and throat relax. The tissues in your throat can relax enough that they partially block your airway and vibrate.

The more narrowed your airway, the more forceful the airflow becomes. This causes tissue vibration to increase, which causes your snoring to grow louder.

So basically, snoring can be caused by any of the following; a low or thick soft palate, alcohol consumption, smoking or smoke inhalation, nasal problems, lack of sleep, muscle tension in the neck, obesity and your sleeping position. Children with enlarged tonsils or adenoids, will also have snoring issues.

So do nasal strips work?

Nasal strips only address nasal congestion. By opening up your nostrils so you can breathe easier. So in a way yes, they will help with snoring…but only when it is directly related to nasal congestion. Unfortunately, most snoring doesn’t come from the nose… but airway vibrations in the throat – so the majority of snoring cases will be unaltered by nose strips.

What most people don’t know… is that snoring is really bad for your health. It can cause any or all of the following health issues.

  • Sleep Apena
    (a condition where the individual literally stops breathing for periods at a time during their sleep)
  • Lack of Sleep
    When you snore you’re body will wake itself, even if not fully as a precautionary to serious health risk. This leads to interrupted sleep patterns and poor sleep quality. Lack of sleep has it’s own list of long term effects.
  • High Blood Pressure, Heart Attack & Stroke
    The most prominent effect is to your heart, because snoring is a result of your not being able to breath correctly while you sleep – less oxygen is getting to your vital organs. The first one to be effected by this would be your heart.

Alot of people resort to the breathing machines or medication to fix their sleep apnea or snoring issues, not realizing that there’s an all natural approach… that is a much more healthy and safe alternative. And you don’t have to look like darth vader every night.

Step 1. Identify why you are snoring

If your snoring is due to congestion or sinus issues, then skip right down to the essential oil blends section of this post. If it is due to you being over weight or having large neck muscles then skip down to the natural weight loss section or relax stiff muscles section. Lastly if your snoring problem is due to a low & thick soft palate, then the following treatment applies to you.

Snoring Due To Soft & Thick Palate

The first thing you need to do is buy yourself a pillow wedge or slanted pillow. This will allow you to sleep in more of an upright position.

Most people who snore due to soft & thick palate issues find that they sleep better in a chair, this is because you are in an upright position similar to when you are up and about for the day. If both you and your spouse have this issue, they make full bed wedges. You can find those here along with other pillow wedges.

Second you will need a diffuser to place on your nightstand. You will place one of the “Snore No More” essential oil recipes below, in the diffuser at night to help relax you for a better nights sleep.

Next, you will need to start doing some mouth and jaw exercises to help strengthen, tone and reshape your palate. This will ultimately eliminate your snoring  all together (if you’re consistent)!

Here are a few mouth and jaw exercises that have been proven to work for soft & thick palates…


Snoring Due To Excessive Weight Gain

When determining if you need to loose a few pounds it is always a good idea to first know what your ideal what is. You can use the weight chart below to see where you’re at and see where you ideally need to be.

Now we can address weight loss naturally. When deciding to loose weight – you ALWAYS want to do it naturally. Slow and steady is best. To fast and you will cause unwanted health issues.

Your first step is to detox.
You can detox through a organic detox tea or purchase an all natural detox cleanse, like this one. This is the safest and most effective way to start loosing weight in a healthy manner.

Next you will want to put yourself on a healthy daily regiment. Determine exactly how many pounds you want to loose a day and aim to do natural things the complete that goal.

It’s also super important to add 2-3 days a week of exercise. Don’t take on goals you are unsure that you can complete. Set a goal you know you can achieve and do it, this will boost your confidence and help you gain traction for completing your over all goal.

A great way to loose weight naturally, is juicing. I have a few recipes on my Pinterest that you can use if you like. Or do a search for weight loss juice recipes online.

Gut Healing Cinnamon Coconut Latte
Slimming Cinnamon Tea
Kill Tummy Fat Before Bed

Snoring Due To Muscle Tension In The Neck

It is a scientific fact that males are more prone to snoring then woman. I believe this could be in part to the fact that men naturally have stronger neck muscles. By no means am I tell guys to stop exercising, but I do want to make a few recommendations if muscle tension in your neck is something you do regularly have.

My first recommendation is to see a holistic chiropractor. I have mentioned this before in other posts, but the importance of seeing a holistic chiropractor verses a regular chiropractor is for the sole purpose of their recovery methods. Regular chiropractors will do hefty and sometimes dangerous adjustments. Where as a holistic chiropractor believes in natural healing through small repetitive adjustments. There is no such thing as a one time or quick fix. Muscle tension is a very true sign that your spine is out of alignment and there is only one way to fix that… to see a holistic chiropractor. You can do a Google Maps search for one in your local area.

Second is to take a muscle relaxant tincture 30 minutes before bed. I recommend either Black Haw or Jamaican Dogwood, both of which are natural muscle relaxants.

I also recommend getting a purple pillow. I’m sure you’ve heard of the purple mattress (can’t wait to get ours). Well the same company came out with their own pillow!

In order to allow your neck muscle to relax completely while you sleep, you need the best neck support pillow – that is also soft enough to cradle your head. I have done TONS of research on the best pillows, I’ve even spent upwards  of $80 for just one pillow. But they all fell short. I’ve bought those cervical pillows; down pillows, memory foam pillows, high end pillows… let’s just say I have bought alot of pillows. So when I recommend this pillow… it’s no small thing. You can checkout the Purple website here for more information.

**Note: Do Not buy from anywhere but there website to ensure that you get the warranties and their actually products.

Snoring Due to Sinus Infection or Nasal Congestion

Si is probably one of the easiest snoring problems to fix. My first recommendation would be to make a visit to your local holistic chiropractor. Similar to muscle tension in the neck, spinal miss alignment can effect every organ, tissue, and function in our bodies. So quite possibly if you have regular sinus infections, colds or allergies – it most likely due to spinal miss alignment in your neck region.  I’d love to help you find a cure, not just mask the problem. Which is why see a holistic chiropractor is first on my list.

Next you can use any of the following essential oil recipes to help you or your spouse to stop snoring…

Here is a list of essential oils that are known for helping to stop snoring:

  • Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil
    Marjoram is particularly effective because it delivers support to the respiratory system. It works as a natural analgesic, antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial, and expectorant. With so many amazing characteristic, it’s no surprise that sweet marjoram is considered the best essential oil for treating breathing difficulties.
  • Valor Essential Oils
    Valor is actually a blend of blue tansy, rosewood, frankincense and spruce essential oils. It is quite expensive to buy, but second to sweet marjoram – studies show it is extremely effective against snoring.
  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil
    Eucalyptus liquifies the mucus to help keep breathing passageway clear for easy breathing. It’s also a natural anti-inflammatory which helps reduces swelling in the inner lining of the nostrils.
  • Mint Essential Oils
    This would including both spearmint and peppermint. Mint is also an anti-inflammatory, helping to maintaining smooth air flow through the respiratory tract. Help you to breath better and not snore.
  • Cedar Wood Essential Oil
    The health benefits of cedar wood essential oil dates back to ancient times. It is used to help relax the body and mind, promoting healthy sleep habits.
  • Lavender Essential Oils
    Lavender is used in almost every recipe to sooth and relax amongst it’s other health benefits, so it is no surprise that it aids in eliminating snoring.

Essential Oil Recipes For Snoring

To enhance the effects of each individual essential oil, you can use them in combinations with each other.

I have created a few essential oil recipes for snoring. When creating your own mix of essential oils, use the same amount of drops of each essential oil. Store the mixture in a dark brown or blue glass essential oils bottle.

When applying essential oils directly to the skin, it is recommended that you use a carrier oil, jojoba oil, almond oil or argan oil are popular because of the natural healing properties for the skin. You can also use, olive oil, grape seed oil.


“Out Like A Light” Blend

Cedarwood Essential Oil
Roman Chamomile Essential Oil
Peace Essential Oil Blend

“Misty Winter” Blend

Valor Essential Oil
(or blend of essential oils above that make valor)
Mint Essential Oil
Cedar Wood Essential Oil

Essential Oils For Snoring Application

The following are the various ways that you can use the essential oils or blends to help eliminate snoring.

Diffusers – use as directed on the packaging, place next to bed when you are sleeping.
Massage – massage on chest, feet, behind the ears and temple area.
Gargle – when gargling with essential oils… Do Not swallow.
Mist – mix your blend of essential oils with water in a spray bottle, mist in the room or on your pillow right before you go to bed.

I know this was another long post, but I hope you found it to be helpful in your search for stopping snoring. Let me know how it worked for you or your spouse! I’d love to hear from you 🙂

If you haven’t bought essential oils before or are wondering what the best organic essential oil company is…

I recommend Spark Naturals. It’s who I use because I feel their quality is the best. They use the richest sources for each individual essential oil and they only use the best extraction method for each oil to keep and obtain the highest quality possible. Also I was shocked when I saw how affordable their prices where.

If you use the coupon code “woodlandmaiden” you can save 10% when you checkout!

You may find my blog post “Things To Know Before Buying Essential Oils” helpful has well.

I hope you found this information helpful, if so please leave a comment and share with someone who could use this information as well 🙂

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*Disclaimer: I’m no doctor, I haven’t studied alternative medicine. The things I suggest and share in this post are strictly from doing my own research and/or from my own personal experiences, results and success. I share this information to encourage and help others to get all natural relief for their pain, diseases and aliments. I’m a firm believer that God has providing all the healing we will ever need through His Son Jesus Christ and through His creation…nature.

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