Happy Wife Happy Life = Bad Marriage

Happy Wife Happy Life

The other day I was wondering about in Walmart’s paint department. I heard an older gentleman talking to a male associate who was probably in his mid twenties. The older man was asking about some light bulbs and then made a comment, something along the lines of this,

“Well, you may be wondering why it’s on that part of the house, well my wife wanted it there – that’s why. If you’re married you’ll know what I’m talkin’ about.”

The young man chuckled a bit and said, “No sire. I’m not married”

To which the old man replied; “Well – let me give you some advice in advance… happy wife, happy life.”

The old man huffed and then walked away with the light bulb in his hand.

I wanted so desperately to correct this long taught misconstrued perception of marriage. For both their sake, but I held my tongue and went on my way. However, I can’t stop thinking about it.

So let me be the first female to admit…

This ideal and teaching is sooo incredibly untrue.

Any man whom I have heard say it, is.. shall we say… somewhat less then happy and you can see that their marriage is on rocky ground.  Does that go to say that marriage will not be without problems, No. Does that mean that he and she will always be happy, No.

But I can guarantee, that a loving wife doesn’t really want her husband to bow at her every whim to make her happy. And a true reflection of the heart would prove just that. She wants a “real man“, someone she can trust to take care of her, someone she can feel safe with, someone who leads her and his family with honor both spiritually and physically. All the while allowing her and helping her to flourish into the woman God designed her to be.

The feminist movement wasn’t a bad idea, to allow women to venture out and do more. To give them the well rounded roles God intended. But admit it ladies…. we went overboard. Our men are so turned upside down that they don’t know who they are and definitely don’t know how to treat us.

I’ve heard so many variations of teaching on this topic, but only a few are accurate enough in lining up with the Bible to actually share.

And so I implore you women, to watch the video below – as a starting point (I’ll go into other lessons later). Learn the truth about the roles God has defined to each of us..they’re honoring, exciting and when fulfilled make you both happy! Stop teaching, spreading and living out the lies the world has taught us and start experiencing the marriage God designed for you and your knight in shining armor!

When it comes to happiness in the marriage – there is only one person I would recommend… Mark Gungor. So, are you ready to…

Laugh Your Way To A Better Marriage


I was able to find the whole series on DVD on Amazon! So I thought I would provide a quick link so you can grab it fast. If you have Prime you can get it in just 2 days, which I love – because I don’t like to wait for things like this. Enjoy!

Laugh your way to a better mariage

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