How We Cured Lyme Disease 100% Naturally

cured lyme disease naturally

I know this has been a long awaited post for those who know Josh and I’s experience with Lyme disease. What I am about to share was our personal experience, the information I obtained and recommendations listed where provided by a compilation of homeopathic doctors. However… we never went to see a doctor and never took any prescription medication to treat Josh’s Lyme disease. With that said, I’m not a doctor and I’m not telling you what you should or shouldn’t do, merely sharing our experience in hopes that it will help others of like mind.

It was late summer of 2016, Josh and I where enjoying our regular hike in the mountains of Bear Brooke Park. We where on our way back home when Josh suddenly stops, winces in pain and says he is not sure if he can walk any further. Josh is not the type to complain when he is in pain unless it is pretty severe, so I was not sure really what he was telling me. It was getting near dusk and we still had quite a hike left before we would get home. There was no way that I could carry him and we had to keep moving in order to get out of the woods before dark.

I starred at him for a second and realized he wasn’t kidding, so like any woman I started asking 50 questions. Of which he kept answering “I don’t know”. I assumed at this point that he had twisted his leg walking along the tree root filled path. I was not prepared for the reality.

By God’s infinite power we managed to get home, but after examining Josh… I couldn’t find anything wrong with him, not even a sprained ankle. So I made dinner and tucked him into bed.

The next morning… Josh couldn’t walk, his foot was swollen, he was sweating uncontrollably and pain surged through his body. I spent alot of time praying over him, but the pain surged on. (Josh doesn’t take pain medicine) So I helped him to the shower, which is when I noticed  the “bruise” on his leg that was there from the previous week had tripled in size. My heart sank… I new what this meant… Josh had lyme disease.

He wasn’t so sure, urging me to do some research online before making that verdict -but just after a few minutes of looking at images online – I confirmed Josh had lyme disease. My heart sank, Josh almost never gets sick. In 8 years of marriage he had only gotten seriously sick twice. I said… “we need to take you to the doctors.” His immediate response was… “No. There has to be a way to treat this naturally”

I wasn’t so sure, I knew lymes wasn’t anything to mess around with, as far as I knew it could kill you. I wasn’t sure any sprinkle of “magic herb potion” was going to tackle this, but he was insistent and so I started searching and to my surprise… I found a way. More and more information is surfacing about treating and curing lymes naturally, so within an hour I had a strict regiment that we needed to begin immediately.

We had to put him on a diet solely of foods and herbs rich in the following 3 catergories:

  1. Anti Viral
  2. Anti Inflammatories
  3. Antioxidants

I started by gathering research. Making lists of herbs, fruits and vegetables that fell into each category. Then focusing primarily on the foods that overlapped in all 3 areas. Then I researched immune boosting supplements. I added those to my list, then I went shopping. I was able to find most everything I was looking for at my local health food store and the Vitamin Shoppe. I gathered as much of the list as I could and returned home to Josh as quickly as possible.

Here Was My Lymes Cure Shopping List


  • Sage
  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • St John’s Wart
  • Rosemary
  • Turmeric
  • Milk Thistle
  • Peppermint
  • Oregano
  • Clove
  • Ginger
  • Allspice
  • Echinacea
  • Oregon Grape Root
  • Marshmallow Root
  • Usnea
  • Cinnamon
  • Cats Claw
  • Licorice Root
  • Astragalus Root
  • Gotu Kola

Foods (Mostly Fruits & Veggies)

  • Fruits:
    Aronia Berries (Chokeberry)
    Dark Grapes
    European Black Currant
    Acai Berry
    Black Elderberry
  • Veggies:
    Black Olives
  • Other Foods:
    Raw Cacao
    Hazel Nuts
    Flax Seed

Immune Boosting Supplements:Host Defense Comprehensive Immune Support


The next step was to create juice/smoothy drinks that contained as many as these as possible without making it unbearably to drink. Josh would consume these juices 3 times a day. In between these he was on a water timer. During the early stages, Josh had face paralysis… this was hard to combat because he couldn’t chew or even open his mouth. But I would get the tinctures, supplements and juices into his mouth and he could thankfully swallow them.

Inducing Sweating

In additional to adjusting his diet and fluid intake, we where also advised to induce sweating, this is the fastest and surest way to expel the virus from your body.

This is why your body sweats when you’re sick, to release toxins and viruses. It is extremely effect and…gross. But I know it was working because you could smell the disease as it was being purged out of his pores.

To induce the sweating I would wrap Josh in a spa rope, then place him under alot of heavy winter blankets, with a couple of heating pads inside the blankets. This is early to mid summer so it didn’t take long before his body began to sweat, you want to sweat like this until you look like you’ve just been hosed down with water, then change everything out… let your body come down to a safe temperature and repeat every couple of hours.

I also took him to a sauna to induce the sweating, but he really preferred the home remedy so he could rest while his body sweated out. Sometimes I would have him sit in the shower with the spa robe on and create a sauna like room that way. The best way was really in bed with the blankets and heating pads though. Like I said it was just really gross, because everything gets soaking wet and smells awful! (this would have been a good time for me to have a diffuser and some essential oils)

lyme disease rashA few days later, Josh was covered from head to tow with the “rash” spots that are similar to a bruise, but are weird shaped and range in color starting with bright red. This was a sign that we where achieving our results, the more covered he was… meant it was purging throughout his system. The pictures here are not of Josh, but his looked very similar to these.

Most people don’t know much about the lyme disease, so let me stop at this point and share with you a few things that we learned.

You can get lymes from more then just ticks.
You can actually get lymes disease from a numerous of biting bugs; ticks, spiders, fleas and mosquitos to name a few.

Antibiotics do not help, but hurt you and possibly make thing worse.
Most people have no idea what antibiotics actually do. Very similar to how chemo kills everything in a person body and not just the disease… so does antibiotics. Antibiotics are potent chemicals released into your body for one purpose – in hopes that it will kill the virus that is attacking your body. But unlike you blood cells, antibiotics can’t identify the bad guys from the good guys and so the chemical destroys both. It is only our bodies natural ability to reproduced cells that gives our blood cells the upper hand. However now your immune system is weak because your cells are being taken out as well as the virus, or so you think…

Lymes has it’s own defense system too.
What doctors will fail to tell you, whether because they don’t know or because they fail to educate themselves- is that Lymes disease has it’s own built in defense system. When it identifies that it is under attack, it incases itself in a hard shelf. While your good guys (blood cells) are being taken out by the antibiotics, the virus is alive and well, staked out in their bomb shelter. This is when most people start feeling better, unbeknownst to them the virus is suiting up arms, they have doubled even tripled their cavalry and they are ready for round 2. But your not, your defensive line is wounded, died and barely hanging on by a thread when surprise… they (the virus) attack again. This time leaving you… hospitalized and scratching your head. This process happens over and over and over. This is why peopler feel the “effects” of lymes for years to come and are told, well those are things you just have to live with from now on. Sore muscles, food allergies, loss of memory, ect. But what they don’t know… is lymes is still in you! Alive and well, vacationing in your country, consuming and thriving off of you!

Your blood cells are lethal warriors.
So that probably has you either feeling really sad and disheartened or furious at your invaders. So let me take this moment to share that at their prime… your blood cells are the ONLY thing that can kill and defeat this virus. Your blood cells are designed by good to identify and consume (yeah they actually eat the bad guys) viruses, bacteria and anything foreign that they find nosing about in your body. So it makes more sense, to supercharge these lethal warriors rather then kill them. And that’s exactly what we did!

By amping up Josh’s immune system, we gave his cells a super boost, which meant they went to town at clearing out all the lyme disease from Josh’s body. And I mean clearing out, as in… it’s gone.

No “relapse”, No “side effects”… gone. And the wonderful thing is about God’s design for your ultimate defensive line…. they remember. Your blood cells have an exquisite memory (even if we don’t).

They remember what certain viruses look like and they remember how they defeated it, so… if you where to be so unfortunate as to contract lyme disease again – they would know exactly what to do to destroy.

The biggest problem is not lymes disease.
Another fact that you may not know…lymes disease isn’t really the problem. As we have seen from above, your blood cells could handle anything sent their way, if….. they are healthy.
The biggest reason why people get lymes disease is because their immune system is already weak. Then they go to the doctors and get antibiotics – which we now know is weakening and killing your blood cells.

Dr Andrew Neville states,

What the majority of practitioners fail to do is to address the underlying cause of the susceptibility to the Lyme (and co-infections), which stems from a weakened and imbalanced immune system.

Upon doing research it seems that the majority of holistic doctors agree, the real problem isn’t lymes – but weak immune systems.

So the question remains… why are our immune systems so weak?

Glad you asked. 2 simple answers

  1. The Food You Eat
  2. The Water You Drink

If I make this post any longer you’re probably not going to continue reading, so I’ll keep this a brief as possible and go into depths in another posts.

So here is what you need to know. I’m assuming you know about GMOs and the importance of eating organic. What you also need to know, is that even if you consume only non GMO food and organic products – most of the items you buy at the store contain a very deadly component… SOY. Yes, surprisingly the majority of organic foods contain soy, heck I even found it in canned tuna!

As I wrote in another in it’s natural plant stage is extremely toxic to the human body, and unfortunately for us -this toxicity doesn’t come out when it is cooked or processed. Which means it’s still toxic when they add it to your food and this doesn’t even include the pesticides and chemicals used to process and grow soy. Don’t quite believe me, just check out my other post, where I talk about and reference to information as to why you should avoid soy like the plague, (it’s towards the middle of the post).

Second, the water you drink is very likely to be acidic. Most people drink bottled water pretty regularly, some daily because they believe it is safer then the water they get from the faucet. This is wrong on 2 accounts. The first being the source where the water is produced and second unless the bottle is BPA free… you’re getting contaminants from the plastic as well, so you can pretty much bet you’re getting sick from the water you drink. Again I will go into this in great detail in a later post, but for know you can checkout these videos below to see the effects of acidic water on your blood cells.

Here are some other resources about water acidity & toxicity:

20 Brands Of Bottled Water Tested For Acidity

Physically See How A Healthy White Blood Cells Identifies and Destroys Bad Guys In Your Blood

Workers at Water Plant Film Fluoride Toxicity

So let’s wrap this up by adding a few more things that we did to ensure that Josh was 100% cured of lyme disease. Towards the end, he had a few symptoms that seemed to be lagging. Lack of strength, no appetite and some muscle aches. So here’s how we wrapped it all up…

1.I switch my tincture gears one final time. Josh was still taking the Olive Leaf Extract and now I added a little concoction that I found to help cancer patients in recouping from chemo.

Ginger & Raw Honey
To make you need about 1in of organic ginger root and 4tablespoons of raw honey. Blend until you get a pasty consistency. Take 3 times a day. It will be on the stringy side and hard to choke down… but boy does it work! I tried some myself and it is fantastic -(in a kick illness’ butt kinda way).

2. Josh started seeing a holistic chiropractor. We discovered that your spine has a tremendous impact in your bodies ability to heal!

3. I added Gentian Tincture, which increases appetite and for a very short period of time (less then 30 days) we put Josh on a natural testosterone booster. Josh had lost all muscle and at least 20lbs. It was very scary to see how skinny he was. Josh has never been over weight in his life, so for him to loose that much weight in just a few months… well I think you get the picture.

If I had known at the time what I know now about essential oils… I would have added the healing essential oil blends that I know of to our daily regiment as well.

All in all Josh had lyme for about 4 months, recovering after lyme took another 3-4 months -to get his weight and muscle back to where it was before. The natural way may not seem as fast, but I’m confident that it’s the much better, safer and overall more successful way to go.

I know people who have been treating lymes for 12+ years with antibiotics and are suffering badly, I also found out recently that Josh’s grandfather has had lymes for years and just keeps a ready prescription for when it flares up. That’s no way to live – especially when God as provided an all natural way to cure lyme disease completely!

I hope this post helps and encourages you. Feel free to send me an email or comment below if you have any questions. And please share with someone who is willing to try the natural alternative to healing lymes.

Best Organic Essential Oils


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  1. This is very good information on Lyme disease and congratulations of healing of your Husband. I believe in healing oneself of any disease. There is so much good info out there that has proven healing process of most if not all diseases. I am living proof. I healed my breast cancer using alternative proven steps that shocked the doctors.

    My friend Louise had Lyme disease. Of course you guessed it she went to doctor. He put her on antibiotics that did not cure it…so she decided to go to a healing mass and ask God to heal her through “the laying on of hands” by the Priest, and she was healed.
    It has been at least 10 years since she has been healed.

    I did not know Lyme disease can be carried by other bugs that you mentioned. I thought only ticks carried the Lyme disease.  Redrose1

    1. Thanks for stopping by, that’s an incredible story. I love to hear of stories where God heals people miraculously! It’s sad that this isn’t practiced more in church bodies.
      Yep, kinda freaky to know that other bugs can carry lyme!

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