Natural Relief For Dysmenorrhea

Natural Relief For Dysmenorrhea (1)

If you’re looking for natural relief for dysmenorrhea you’re not alone. I remember when I first “became a woman”, my mother bought be flowers and feminine products. Being the first of three girls, I knew she wanted to make this a special moment, but she hadn’t really quite figured out how. I believe she offered to take me out to eat to celebrate, but I didn’t really want to go anywhere except back to bed and hide from the world. As natural as this was… I felt awkward, gross and was in a good deal of pain.

Welcome to womanhood“, I thought to myself.

I forced a smile as my mom and dad tried to make me feel special that first day. It wasn’t but a year later that I started having internal bleeding and the doctors put me on the birth control pill. This helped regulate my cycles a bit, but the pain was still difficult to bare. You can read more about the other health issues I experienced, that where caused by the birth control pill on my post, “All Natural Birth Control | Safe And 100% Effective“.

As years went by the health issues progressed along with my menstrual pain, to the point that I would go into uncontrollable convulsions, paralyzes from the waist down, dizziness, nausea, occasional vomiting, migraines and severe diarrhea, so Josh would have to carry me to and from the bathroom. I was taking Advil gel caps like they where gummy candies.

I thought this was my normal, but at the same time… how could this -be normal. I have red head makeup, all my girlfriends who where red heads said their moms and them all had really painful periods and heavy flowing. I had no idea until I spoke with my grammy Olsen that this wasn’t normal. She told me that she herself had severe menstrual pain and had to have a hysterectomy after she gave birth to her second child. After talking with my aunt Pixie, I found out – that was the same reason she had never had child, because she had to have a hysterectomy shortly after her and uncle Jack got married due to extremely bad menstrual pain.

At this point I figured – this was pretty much my only option, I was probably going to have to have a hysterectomy. The thought if that was disheartening because I knew I wanted to give birth to children at some point, I had even dreamed of what our babies would look like when Josh and I first got married. So breaking this news to Josh was no simple task. Finally I said to him that I couldn’t take the pain any longer and I had to do something. I told him about my conversations with grammy and Aunt Pixie and that a hysterectomy was probably my only solution.

To my surprise as saddened as he was about the possibility of us not have our own children… he said to me, “Des, if that’s what we have to do – then we’ll do it. But… I want you to do some research first, see if you can find a natural cure for whatever is going on. You’re so good at finding things, I know there’s got to be another way. But if not… then we can always adopt – right?!”

I smiled, “of course!

So, that’s exactly what I did. I wasn’t very hopeful, but I dug online the same exact way that I had dug online for all my other natural healing findings. And to my surprise do you know what I found…

I found out that I had Dysmenorrhea. Not sure why the doctors never diagnosed this before, but basically it is the medical term for woman who have exceedingly painful periods. I had no idea that there was an actual name for it, but sure enough there it was. “perfect” I thought to myself, now I can find a cure or at least some relief until I find a cure. I have learned over the years, once you have a diagnoses – it’s easy from there to find a natural remedy.

But little did I know that it would be even simpler then I had thought…

We’ll get to that in a minute, right now I want to share what I did to help elevate the pain from Dysmenorrhea.
So these are the following herbs, essential oils and routines I found have helped tremendously in giving me natural relief for Dysmenorrhea

Vitanica Cramp Bark Extra

It’s only $19 for 60 capsules – which should get you through a couple months. Cramp Bark helps to regulate a healthy uterine, to relieve menstrual pain naturally. Featured Ingredients: – Valerian root, Cramp bark, Black Cohosh and Ginger root offer traditional soothing and tonic support for the uterus – Research indicates Vitamin B3 (niacin) as promoting a healthy uterine response during menses; Vitamin C and Rutin seem to support the positive effect niacin has on the uterus – A little extra Calcium and Magnesium offers gentle musculoskeletal relaxation support – Vitamin B6 promotes relaxation and Vitamin E is strongly indicated in research for healthy menstrual uterine tissue. You could accompany this with Vitanica – Slow Flow – Menstrual Flow Support which utilizes time honored herbs and research based ingredients to promote normal menstrual flow.



Jamaican Dogwood Tincture

This is a very strong muscle relaxant. I find that my first few days the Cramp Bark is not enough to get my pain to a tolerable state, so I need a muscle relaxant as well. This brand is known for it potency and quality. I use a tincture in many of my herbal supplements, because I don’t like taking alot of tablets and my body absorbs the herb faster in a liquid. Tinctures are a concentrated, more pure form of the herb. It is scientifically proven that our body uses 93% of liquid supplements and only 39%-53% of capsules – so this is why I recommend a tinctures whenever possible.




Black Haw Tincture

Black Haw is part of the honey suckle family, it’s pink berries turn red in August and are used in jams, enjoyed by the birds or extracted to make tincture. Black Haw is used to relax muscle spasms and tension. Other great attributes included:

  • to stop uterine cramping
  • arrest spot bleeding
  • relieves menstrual cramps
  • calms uterine cramping in pregnancy
  • pre-term labor
  • help prevent threatened miscarriage by calming the uterus
  • postpartum after pains.
  • due to its astringent properties, it helps atonic conditions of the pelvic region, such as uterine prolapse

If you are using the Jamaican Dogwood Tincture, you may not need both of these. But I always like to be prepared to have everything on hand that I might need, in case one works better then the other at any given time. Now that I am on natural birth control my cycles are never completely the same, so I always prepare for the worst and enjoy them when they are mild. Both of the Tinctures are $19 dollars as well. But well worth their weight in gold.

15 Essential Oils For Menstrual Pain Relief

You can apply any combination you desire of these essential oils topically into painful areas, around your collar bone, across your temple, behind your ears and on the soles of your feet. The last three places are where your high receptive nerves are and you can absorb the essential oils best there.

You can also use a diffuser, if you don’t have one you can get one here, I’ve also seen them at TJMaxx and Bed Bath & Beyond. There are instructions as to how to diffuse the essential oils on the package. You will want to make sure the diffuser is close to you, so you can get the best effect.

You may even want to try a combination of both topical application and diffusing!

For the full description on how each of the essential oils list above help relieve menstrual pain, you can visit:



Teas To Help With Menstrual Cramps

Not sure if you’re a huge tea drinker or not. Me… mostly around my cycle and when I’m cold. My alltime favorite tea is “Bengal Spice“. It’s like Chia Tea on steroids! I LOVE Chia Tea, we used to make it from scratch at the Bagel Shop I worked at ages ago. (I’ll save that for another time). Anyway turns out cinnamon and clove are great for your cycle! You can get it from Amazon Prime pantry for $2.50 or buy it in bulk packs for the $11 for 2 boxes of 20. Here are some other good teas to drink during your menstrual cycle:

  • Ginger
  • Peppermint
  • Chamomile

If you’re looking for more of a combo tea that has been design for ladies during our “not so fun time of the month”, then these are a few brands you can check out as well. I know I can find them all at Hannafords and Shaws- so you should be able to find them as well.




Dietary Changes To Make The Week Before – To Help Relieve Menstrual Pain

So I’m not trying to tell you how to eat, just sharing the few things that I change the week before my cycle to help reduce my period pain.

1.Eat Less Sugary Things

I know this is super hard, because it is the one major thing we crave during this time. But it’s been proven (with others not just me personally) that the increased sugar intake right before our cycles makes cramps and pain alot worse.

So how much is too much sugar intake?

Once a day or more is too much. I try to limit my intact to one time the whole week before. This doesn’t include foods that turn into sugar, it’s different somehow. Breads and pastas I still eat on a daily basis and they don’t seem to bother me. So I’m talking bad chocolates, ice cream, cookies, candy, ect. I have found that when I get a sugar craving if I drink raw milk, it satisfies that craving really well. I also snack on dried fruit, like cranberries, coconut and papaya. (leave out the m&m’s) By no means am I telling you to give up sweets, no – no. Feel free after Aunt Rosie is gone… pleasure your sweet tooth all you want, I sure do!

2.Eat More Salty Foods

Now I’m not saying go hog wild hear on the salt, but if you replace a sweet craving with a healthy salty snack, especially during your cycle – the salt will help reduce swelling, hence reduce pain or pressure. This could be pretzels, nuts, dehydrated vegetables or the like.

3.Drink More Water

I know this is a big one for everyone, ’cause everyone is always saying it. Eating more salty snacks then sweet will help in this area too because you’ll be more thirsty. I like to add a touch of lemon juice to my water. I find I also will drink more if I have a straw. Find out what works for you and do it! Be careful not to drink to much though, it is important to drink the right amount of water (per your body weight) that you need daily and no more – otherwise you force out nutrients.

Something else that may help is eating more fish and taking vitamin B. These are known to help reduce cramping due to muscle tension and spasms. Personally I eat canned tuna every few days, BUT BE SURE the tuna you buy DOESN’T have soy! As crazy as it sounds to have soy in tuna… it’s true. There was only one brand at my local store that sold none soy tuna, so that’s what I get – even though it’s pretty pricy.

Ok, so I’m assuming if you made it this far ( I know this was long) that you want to know the cure for Dysmenorrhea.

So here it is…

You need to see a Chiropractor.

Seriously, I would’ve never thought that having Dysmenorrhea was due to a vertebral subluxation, which is a fancy way of saying your spine is out of alignment. I’m not sure how clear the image is, but the lower part of your spine effects your female organs, menopause and menstrual cycle among other things. Meaning if this isn’t in proper alignment, then those organs that your lumbar spine directly impact, now become problem areas.

It is vital that you visit a Holistic Chiropractor though, because they will support a natural and gradual spinal realignment, rather then a one time fix (which doesn’t work).

Well, that about wraps this very long post up. I hope you found this information helpful and I hope you find natural relief for your Dysmenorrhea… I pray that you will actually find complete healing!

Feel free to message me with any questions.



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