Where To Buy Raw Cacao Powder

raw cacao powder

I recently did a post for Valentines Day about a raw cacao or chocolate massage. If you read it, I hope you got a chance to actually try it! It dawned on me that, alot of people really don’t know where to buy raw cacao powder. Although I did provide a link to Amazon where […]

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How To Give A Great Hot Stone Massage

hot stone massage

If you’ve never given or received a hot stone massage before… the benefits are incredible to your health and muscle healing. You can learn more about the benefits of hot stone massage here. In today’s post I want to do a beginners tutorial to hot stone massages. I’m in no way an expert, but my […]

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Happy Wife Happy Life = Bad Marriage

Happy Wife Happy Life

The other day I was wondering about in Walmart’s paint department. I heard an older gentleman talking to a male associate who was probably in his mid twenties. The older man was asking about some light bulbs and then made a comment, something along the lines of this, “Well, you may be wondering why it’s on […]

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Regrow & Heal Tooth Enamel Naturally

naturally heal and regrow tooth enamel

I’m a die hard naturalist. The conception of which I will talk about at another time. However I must give props to my husband for encouraging me down the “all natural” path. Now that my feet are firmly planted on this journey I  will  never turn back. In 2015 Josh started complaining about his tooth. At […]

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