Best Essential Oils Blend For Allergies

With spring in full bloom, those who suffer from pollen allergies are probably dreading the idea of going outside. And while you could take some over the counter meds that will most likely make you groggy… I have a better idea! Option A: Essential oils I’ve collected the best essential oils that are known for […]

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Essential Oils To Calm Anxiety

A dear friend of mind shared with¬†me the other night, at Bible study that she deals with anxiety. Currently her doctors have her on a prescription. I think it’s exciting and amazing how God has brought me through tough situations and chronic diseases, so that I might be in place to help others have hope […]

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Essential Oils To Calm Livestock

essential oils for calming livestock

As odd as it may sound essential oils are used for more then just people. I often use essential oils on my dogs and Pierre (my cat). Today you can find diffusers for night lights to help calm pet anxiety and honestly that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are many other essential oils […]

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