The Best Place To Buy Flowers On A Budget

where to buy flowers

I’m a very avid garden, always have been. I grew up helping my mom in the garden. Though I enjoy growing my own vegetables, I much rather enjoy a lush array of flowers, herbs and shrubs to vegetable gardening.

When Josh and I bought our first house, it needed to be completely landscaped – so I had to find the best places to buy flowers on a budget because of the immense amount of flowers, shrubs and trees that I needed to fill the 1/4 acre lot.

Today I’m putting together a list of my favorite places to buy flowers, tress, shrubs, bulbs and other plants at deep discounts.
One of my favorite places to shop for flowers and seeds is on Amazon. You can buy, grown plants, bulbs, and seeds. The on thing you will want to take note of is the reviews. If people are leaving alot of bad reviews for one particular seller, then I wouldn’t recommend buying anything from that seller. The other thing to take note of when buying seeds from Amazon is that you want to plant them as soon as you get them. If you can’t plant them outside, start them indoors and then transplant them.

Even if seeds are properly dried and stored, the average shelf life for seeds is 2-3 years with some shorter and some longer. If you want a detailed seed viability chart you can find one here.
I have also bought plants from Ebay, although the selection from Ebay is not as diverse as Amazon… you can still find a good range of flowers, plants and seeds.

Next up is a list of magazines that I order  the majority of my flowers, shrubs and plants from. You can subscribe to any of these magazines online, as well as place your orders. They only ship their plants when your zone is ready to put them in the ground.

Honey Creek Nurseries

Inter-State Nurseries

Four Seasons Nursery


Burgess Seed & Plant Co. 

A few places that you can buy flowers cheap that you should avoid. Ocean State Job Lots, Big Lots and Dollar Stores. I have bought flowers and seeds from all three of these places and unfortunately they never grew. The same thing happened to my mom, so I would say for some reason the flowers and seeds that are sold at these locations are no longer any good.

Walmart & Home Depot
I’ve purchased a few plants from both Walmart & Home Depot, the outdoor plants survived well, but the indoor plants have always died. So although you maybe able to find some good deals for outdoor plants, I wouldn’t buy plants for indoor use from either of these places.

I hope you found this post helpful for where to buy your flowers.


On a side note… I finally got around to posting my all natural bug spray that I use on me and my dogs to keep away; mosquitos, black flies, fleas and ticks. It’s important when working in the garden to protect yourself from these pesky bugs. You can get my all natural bug spray recipe here.

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