The Secret I Discovered To Getting More Things Done | Phase 2

getting more done

You’ll notice that I’m actually not sharing all of this in one post on purpose, I really want you to focus on one phase at a time.

Us women have a natural tendency to multitask. It can be both our strength and weakness at the same time. We will find much more joy in what we do… if we take time to focus our energy in one direction before taking on another task. So it is REALLY crucial to your success and happiness that you do the Phases in completeness before moving on.

So Congratulations, great job. You finished that super fun thing that you’ve been wanting to do! 

How do you feel?

This positive energy will carry you through phase 2 and bring you into the “can do” energy phase 3.

Phase 2 is super simple.

I want you to think of 1 thing on your mental to do list that will take you less then 1 hour to do. This should be something you have also been wanting to do, something fun. Avoid tasks that you “need” to do. We are focusing on our “wanting to do items“.

Ok do you have a thing in mind, that you know you can complete in an hour or less?

Great… now go do it. When you’re done, come back for phase 3.

Now that Phase 2 is complete you can move onto Phase 3.

In Phase 3 we are now in our “can do” energy mode.

Can you feel it? Feel the accomplishment, feel the positive energy radiating through your body?


Let’s begin Phase 3

Now comes the list. Stay positive, the list is going to be super short.

Begin by listing 3 items that you either want or need to get done. No mater the time dependency. Just write them down as you think of them. You can jot them down on the calendar, or a magic erase /chalk board.  Really anyplace will do.

Now start with the one on top and work your way down the list, when you complete an item. Cross it off the list.

From Here On Out…

By this time you are now establishing a new perspective of accomplishing tasks. Each night before bed, write down 3 items that you wish to accomplish the following day. Doesn’t matter if you get all 3 done or not. Whatever you don’t finish that day goes to the top of the list for the next day. Keep the list to only 3 items. Mentally 3 items is achievable, mentally 3 is a small number and therefore you continue on with the positive energy flow which is enabling you to accomplish so much!

Great stuff, right?!

If you found this helpful, please pass it on. Right now I don’t know anyone who is teaching this. I believe I was lead by God to learn this and share it. So I hope it reaches you and helps create a positive effect in your life.

Blessings being sent your way



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