The Secret I Discovered To Getting More Things Done

getting more done

As an artistic person I’ve always struggled with getting things accomplished, I get whims of excitement where I think of projects that I would like to do and I may even start them… but then I never get around to finishing them.

Anyone who knows me also knows that I’m not a list maker, never have been and never will be. Not in the typical sense anyways. So you will be happy to know that my “secret” is not “making a list”.

But before I reveal my secret to getting more things done, we MUST get in the right mindset. So follow these 3 steps before we begin.

1. Put your phone on silent and place it on the counter away from you.

This is important, because too often we are so connected socially online that we are not connected in our own reality. This blocks creativity, joy and accomplishment. Take a few minutes this will probably be the hardest step. Establishing this habit on a daily basis will actually be healthy for you… trust me you’ll see.

2. Turn off the TV if you have it going

If you haven’t noticed we are removing all distractions so that we can clearly focus on what we’re about to accomplish. This is another one that may be hard. I know it was for me, I typically don’t like silence, but when I started implementing this – I found I could focus more clearly on what it was that I was doing at hand.

3. (depending on the season) Open windows or at least be sure that all the curtains are open. You want as much natural light as possible and the fresh air helps stimulate us.

Now are you ready for my super secret way to get more things done???

Okay, here it is….. start with whatever you REALLY WANT to do!

Simple right?

Alot of people will tell you to make a list, and I will get to that briefly. Also alot of entrepreneurs tell you to start with the biggest project or the thing you don’t want to do. But in doing this we are most likely to not complete the task and therefore we become discouraged.

I want to open your creativity, let joy abound and enable you to accomplish more!

In order to do this, you need to start with “the thing or project” that YOU WANT TO DO MOST. So take a few minutes and think about it. What has been lingering in you mind for awhile, that you really want to accomplish, that makes you feel giddy inside when you think of accomplishing it…..

That’s it!

That’s what you need to start doing right now. Work steadily on this, set no time frame, don’t rush. When you have completed that thing in entirety then move on to Phase 2.

Click Here to go to Phase 2

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