The Shocking Truth About Christmas – Should Christians Celebrate Christmas

the truth about Christmas

Back in 2014 Josh and I where still living in our tiny apartment in Newport News, VA. It was “that time of year”. We where making plans to come up for Christmas to spend time with family, like we had done since we moved down south. I had grown up spending every holiday with family, especially the “big ones”. So when I called my mom to schedule out Christmas day, I was taken back my her response; “We aren’t celebrating Christmas anymore.”

She wasn’t mean about it, it was just a point blank confident statement, that frankly I never would have imagined leading down the path that I am on today. At first I was not sure how to respond. I grew up in a Baptist home, with strong Christian roots that taught that Christmas was the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. So why would my mother, of all people just stop celebrating.

Christmas Dreams Shattered

Let me give you alittle picture of my childhood Christmas days… Picture this.

4+ totes of Christmas decorations; 2 days of baking cookies, pies, making our much adored secret family receipt Peanut Butter fudge and prepping for our huge family get together.  The family tradition of traveling down the old mountain road listening to Elvis Christmas music to a little blue spruce tree farm to pick out our family Christmas tree. Decorating the church, singing in the choir, listening to the Christmas Eve Cantata and service on Christmas Eve.  Singing carols to the seniors and shopping for Christmas gifts.

All that was shattered in one sentence. Truly I was heartbroken, hurt and alittle angry. Some of my happiest memories where tied with this holiday. And besides wasn’t it Jesus’ birthday – don’t we owe him at least that as a reason to celebrate? 

I questioned and I’m ashamed to admit… even ridiculed her. She answered all my questions thoroughly, but I wasn’t satisfied. I wanted to study this information that she had come across. She emailed the links and so the digging began. I was determined to prove her wrong.

Christmas 2014

We spent Christmas of 2014 with Josh’s family. I told them “the silly nonsense” choice my family had made to not celebrate Christmas anymore. We all laughed at them behind their backs. Justifying the celebration of our traditions with “well it’s all about Jesus… He’s the reason for the season.” Somehow I knew in my heart, when saying those words… I was wrong. But I pushed it away in an effort to laugh and be merry.

But after returning home, I couldn’t stop it. I had to learn more, I was intoxicated with determining what the truth about Christmas really was. The information my mother had given me was good, but I still didn’t really believe what it was telling me. The few scripture versus seemed vague and if I was going to prove that Christmas was about Jesus, I needed more. I scoured the internet, compiling research, checking it against scripture. The more I dug the more I proved myself wrong. But I was searching for the truth and the truth is what I found.

To my surprise… she was right. The evidence I found both online and in scripture backed her decision to not celebrate Christmas and not just because it wasn’t my Saviors birthday. But, because the roots of Christmas are pagan. The majority of the traditions I had grown to love, are pagan. NOT WHERE… ARE.

These practices are still very strong in the pagan world around us, the muse of merriment has coxed the masses to blindly part-take in rituals that have deep spiritual meaning and effect.

My stomach churned, I felt as though I would pass out or vomit. I felt ashamed, disgusted and definitely anything but happy about the practice of Christmas as a Christian holiday. This indepth journey took Josh and I an entire year, so believe me when I say – making the decision not to celebrate Christmas after 2014… didn’t come lightly. I knew when we chose, we could never go back – we couldn’t compromise or slide even a bit.  It was a mutual decision, not one of us weaned on the other. The truth pierced our heart deeper then could be expressed, even now tears come to my eyes.

And so I share this with pride and sincerity of heart, if you are searching for the true meaning of Christmas…do not stop until you have unveiled the truth. Only the discovery of the truth will give you the strength you need to withstand the persecution to come.

The Truth Of Christmas Unfolds

My mom shared this information with her pastor who told her; “Yes, I know.. but it would cause to much conflict among the church to share this or teach this to the congregation.” Needless to say, they finally decided to stop going to church there.

Another case: I was listening to the Christian radio just prior to Christmas. A new Christian called in to ask the speaker if Christmas was a pagan holiday. He said he had heard bits and pieces about Christmas being pagan and gave several examples.
I was shocked to hear the radio host flat out tell the new Christmas that the scripture he referred to had nothing to do with Christmas and that we are privileged to honor Jesus on Christmas day whether or not it was his actual birth. We have no way of knowing the day of his birth,  he continued on.. but this is the day that is marked for us to celebrate as the birth of Christ -so we will do so with pride. I had to turn the station off. I flushed with anger and sickness at hearing that. Here The Spirit was clearly leading this new follower of Christ to seek out the truth. How much more confusing can we as Christians be if we are telling new believes that they can continue doing the same things that they did before their committance to Christ… only now it has a different meaning??!!

You will see in one of the videos I am about to share that pagans, laugh at us about this. We think we are honoring Christ, when it’s the exact opposite.

I have links below, data, videos and scripture. All findings of my research. But please, I beg you.. don’t stop there. Don’t just take my word or the word of your pastor (who I’ve proven know Christmas has nothing to do with Jesus). Discover it for yourself. Scripture says;

Psalms 25:14
The counsel of Lord Jehovah is upon his worshipers and he will teach them his covenant.

Proverbs 3:32
For the perverse is an abomination to the LORD Jehovah; But His counsel is with the upright.

John 4:23
But the hour is coming and now is, when the true worshipers will worship The Father in The Spirit and in The Truth, for The Father also is seeking such worshipers as these.

Luke 11:9
“I am also saying to you, Ask and it shall be given to you, seek and you shall find, knock and it will be opened to you.”

And on that note, I present the research I have found…

The History Behind Christmas

How Satan Is Infiltrating Christianity Through Christmas

Ex-Satanist Exposes Christmas

This last video I urge you to use caution. This is actually 2 witches who are practicing Yule/Winter Solstice. The reason I am sharing this is because, the part that I have it starting at is where they share how Christians who have chosen to become witches ask if it is ok to celebrate holidays especially Christmas. They both laugh and say, “yes… you have to remember, they got them from us.”

2 Witches Celebrating Yule/Winter Solstice/Christmas

Informative Websites:

Nimrod’s Secret Identity

Google Search Results For Isis & Nimrod

How Holy Are The Holidays?

History of Christmas – Jesus’ birthday? 

Roman Festivals & Their Dates

6 Misconceptions Surrounding Jesus’ Birth

When Was Jesus Born?

Could Shepard’s Watch Their Flock By Night In Winter

Was Jesus Born In Winter

No Inn, No Stable, Swaddling Cloths & The Flock Tower


The internet is vast and you can find just about anything to justify what you want. It is the measure of the heart that will determine whether or not you find the truth. I pray that you take a sincere look at your heart and ask God to show you why you seek this information and why you seek to keep celebrating Christmas. I can tell you this, in my own experience – it had nothing to do with my desire to worship Jesus… as you can see from the traditions that I loved so dearly, almost all of them had nothing to do with Jesus. God revealed to me that it was a deep spiritual worship of myself that I desired to continue celebrating Christmas because it made me feel good.

I do not need Christmas to share Jesus and the salvation he brings to non believers. I do not need Christmas to spend time with family, I do not need Christmas to create memories and healthy traditions. When I realized this… the desire to celebrate these pagan holidays melted away, the confusion that hung over me dissipated and a profound strength to stand firm flooded me.

2 Timothy 4:3
For there will be a time when they will not obey sound teaching, but they will multiply teachers to themselves, according to their desires, and with an itching of their sense of hearing.

Jude 1:18
Who said to you, “In the last time there shall be those who mock and by their own desires go after wickedness.”






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