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doterra essential oil review | Destini Ingoldsby

The second post for my series in essential oil company reviews is going to be for a more commonly known brand… DoTerra. I see people using and promoting DoTerra all over Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest. So I decided it would be a great company to review next.

Before I get started let me reiterate, that it is not my goal to make one company look bad over another or to point fingers. I use a simple checklist of qualifications to weight in on what each company has to offer and then give my personal opinion of the overall company. In hopes to help you decide what is best for you.

With that said, since I did my initiate review of DoTerra, I found some unsettling information of DoTerra and Young Living that I felt was important to share – so that updated information and it’s sources are below.


DoTerra Essential Oil Companies Review


Essential Oil Companies Checklist:

  • Organic
  • Undiluted
  • 100% Pure Essential Oil or Unadulterated Essential Oil
  • Extraction Method (steam distilled is best for all oils except citrus, which you want to be cold pressed)
  • Latin or Botanical Name of the Plant
  • Country Where Plants Are Grown and Oils Are Extracted From

So the above is the lit I am using during the video, as my level of standard to check each of the essential oil companies I review against. Because the standards for essential oils are not set by any specific governmental agency at this point… the only real 100% assurance you have is “organic” because in order for a product to use the organic label it HAS to meet the standards set by the agency officiating that label.

All… and I mean “ALL” other grade or labeling classifications for essential oils (at this point) are completely determined and “made up” by each essential oil company for their own marketing purposes.

So how does DoTerra Essential Oils meet up to our checklist?

  • Organic – NO
  • Undiluted – YES
  • 100% Pure Essential Oil or Unadulterated Essential Oil – UNKNOWN (POSSIBLY NO)
  • Extraction Method – Citrus is Cold pressed & Others are Steam Distilled
  • Latin or Botanical Name of the Plant -YES
  • Country Where Plants Are Grown and Oils Are Extracted From – SORT OF… NOT SPECIFIED FOR EACH OIL

So our score for DoTerra is a 3 out of 6.

Honestly at first glance and from the information on the website, I couldn’t see a confident reason to say stay away from this company. With that said, I personally had a few things I just didn’t like about DoTerra.

DoTerra Essential Oils

1. Price, when compared to the essential oil company I currently use, DoTerra essential oils are $7-$10+ dollars more. When compared to other brands on the market they are anywhere from several dollars or more higher. Except Young Living who is $3-$4 dollars higher priced then DoTerra essential oils.

2. In order to be able to pay the “wholesale” or discounted price of DoTerra’s essential oils… you have to become an affiliate member or what they call a “wholesale member”. Meaning you promote the products to your friends and family in exchange for a discounted price on their products. Sounds like a fair trade off, but why should you have to become a member to get a good price on essential oils? If they can offer a discounted price, then you should get that price no matter what… in my opinion.

3. Although the website isn’t bad- infact it has been really well designed to look very professional… I prefer simple, clean and easy navigation. DoTerra’s website is a bit complex in my opinion. When I want to buy essential oils, I want to just shop with ease – I don’t want to be overwhelmed with lots of scrolling and excessive content.

4. I don’t like the limitation of size choices. You don’t get the option of buying a 5ml or a 15ml… just one or the other for various different oils. Essential Oils do have a shelf life. Unless you’re diffusing like a mad woman, you’re going to be diluting your essential oils for topical or consumable use. Meaning… alittle is going to go a long way! Smaller quantities are best, so you can use the oils when they are in their prime!

5. DoTerra like most other large essential oil companies state that you can apply essential oils topically without dilution, this term is called NEAT and is completely false.

Although they do advise that you should dilute the oils if you have sensitive skin or if you’re using oils for the first time…. they fail to inform the user that you MUST add a carrier oil to ALL essential oils, EVERY TIME you apply directly to your skin or ingest an essential oil. Failure to do so, will result in hyper sensitivity to that oil and can cause you to be severely allergic to it in even non oil forms.

These companies benefit from you using undiluted essential oils because you will go through oils alot faster. Unfortunately, you’re the one who pays the price- on both ends of the spectrum in this case.

You can find the rule of thumb dilution ratio on my post, “Things You Need To Know When Buying Essential Oils“.

Lastly I want to wrap this post by sharing the updated information about DoTerra. Again this is not to point fingers, but I found this information to be very unsettling and felt I needed to share because DoTerra essential oils are so widely used.

In 2014 Dr Robert Pappas, an esteemed essential oil chemist and founder of EOU – was asked by both DoTerra and Young Living at different intervals to come and test their oils for purity and quality. He had hoped the companies where looking to improve on the quality of their products and had asked him their to aid in finding better sources for their oils.

After completing his testing he discover that both companies had high percentages of various different man made synthetic chemicals in their oils, when Dr Pappas presented his preliminary reports to the company boards… they asked Dr. Pappas to retract what he said about the oil and Young Living even ask him to apologize to Albert Vieille, who supplied their oils.

This was Dr. Pappas response, “Bringing me here was a farce. You just basically wanted to use my name to promote your products. You don’t really want accurate information. I gave them that report and I said, ‘I’m going home.”

Dr. Pappas never said a word of this until he was later called in to read his report at a court case between these two companies. The two companies began a series of teeter toter court cases against each other for adulterating their oils with dangerous chemicals, which Dr. Pappas proved to the court that both companies infact where doing.

I do not know the outcome of these court cases and frankly at this point I don’t need to know. Because with this information I am now convinced that no matter what essential oil company it is and no matter what they claim or claim they have changed… I will only buy my essential oils from companies that are organic. For this simple reason…

In order for any company to utilize the “organic” label… they MUST meet all the standards set forth in that country for being certified organic. Simply put, the only standard and surety that we can count on right now… is organic. Soooo.. I’m choosing to make “organic” an unwavering component in the essential oils I buy from now on and a must have on my checklist for future essential oil company reviews.

DoTerra Sources:

DoTerra And Young Living Lawsuits

Evidence That Young Living and DoTERRA’s Essential Oils are Adulterated

Dr. Robert Pappas Website:




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  1. Destini, thank you for the information! I was looking for an unbiased opinion on th 2 companies YL and doTerra, as I have a daughter that just started YL ‘business” and a work friend that heavy into doTerra business.

    Based on Dr. P report on both companies, are you of the opinion that we cannot trust either? But how do we trust any other company, buying off of Amazon,etc?

    Appreciate your blog, I don’t follow blogs much, but see that you are a Christian, and I have a 19 year old daughter in college and a 22 year old son that just graduated, both have anxiety issues. Liked your article with the video with alternatives for western medicine, the anti depressants.

    1. Hi Kris,
      thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes my opinion is that neither company can be trusted or any company that isn’t Organic or wildcrafted. The only essential oils I buy whether they are from Amazon or my favorite companies: http://www.floracopeia.com/ &https://miraclebotanicals.com/ are organic or wildcrafted. It they say “natural” or therapeutic grade but don’t say organic or wildcrafted… then I don’t buy them. Just because a company sells on Amazon doesn’t mean they are bad, doesn’t mean they are good either. Which is why the ONLY security we have is buy organic or wildcrafted because those are the only ones that go through strict regulations. There are only a few companies that hold organic or wildcrafted labels. Look for that exact verbiage with whomever you buy and you’ll be safe.
      Thanks again for visiting my blog and asking questions – hope I was able to help.

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