Unbiased Floracopeia Essential Oils Review

Floracopeia essential oils was actually one of the first companies I came across when I started using essential oils on a daily bases. I was really drawn to their products, their website is unlike any other essential oil company’s sites out there – it seemed more earthy and wholesome. So since I began my series of essential oil reviews I really couldn’t wait to share my unbiased review of Floracopeia essential oils.

Let’s begin by grabbing our checklist and then we can measure things up to see what kinda of a score we get. You can get this same list from my post “Things To Know When Buying Essential Oils” as well as other important information about buying essential oils.

florcopeia essential oils

  • Organic or Wildcrafted – YES
  • Undiluted – YES
  • 100% Pure Essential Oil or Unadulterated Essential Oil – YES
  • Extraction Method – Cold Pressed for Citrus & Steam Distilled
  • Latin or Botanical Name of the Plant – YES
  • Country Where Plants Are Grown and Oils Are Extracted From – YES

Add that all up and we get a 6 out of 6 for a score! So… from a quality and purity level, I can safely say that Floracopeia is a good company to buy essential oils from.

My Overall Feedback For Floracopeia

I really like their website. Like I stated above it has a very calm, earthy vibe that tells the behind the scenes story about their oils, before you even read anything. There’s educational videos for each individual oil, as well as an array of educational information and suggestions for use.

When compared to one of the well known brands such as Young Living, which also happens to be one of the most expensive essential oil companies on the market today… Floracopeia is anywhere from $2-$4 dollars per ml cheaper then Young Living’s essential oils. Considering that Young Living’s essential oils aren’t organic, I’d say you’re getting a better quality product at a much more reasonable price when you buy essential oils from Floracopeia.

My only negative comment is that Floracopeia doesn’t have size selection. Because essential oils do have a self life, I prefer to buy from a company that lets me choose between a 5ml or 15ml bottle. This way I can use up the oils before they start going bad. The only case in which you would go through a large portion of an essential oil very quickly is when you’re using it daily in a diffuser, all other cases you’re going to be diluting it with a carrier oil – so alittle is going to last you quite awhile.

Other then that, I can safely say that I would highly recommend purchasing Floracopeia essential oils.

Let me know what you think about Floracopeia essential oils in the comments below 🙂

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  1. Hi Debra, I have tried Floracopeia and many other brands including Doterra and Young Living. Its a very confusing market. Ultimately, I needed to find a company that offered good pricing, organic or wild harvested sourced oils and a company who know their distillers. Most of my purchases are now through Floracopeia. There are probably many great companies.

  2. Hi Destiny I hope you are well,please help me out to find too quality essential oil company, something original, natural more like boutique, something special but the quality as to be super ,thank you Cristiano

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