Unbiased Miracle Essential Oils Review

Should You Buy miracle essential oils

Next on my series of essential oil company reviews, I chose to do Miracle Essential Oils. Since my last review, I have decide personally to only purchase essential oils that are organic, and meet as many of the other categories on my checklist… because in one of my other reviews – I found out some very unsettling information about DoTerra & Young Living. Both these companies claim to have 100% pure essential oils and where found by a neutral chemist (Dr Robert Pappas) to have synthetic chemicals in their oils. You can read more about it here, if you like.

So let’s grab out checklist and jump right into our review on Miracle Essential Oils.


My Unbiased Miracle Essential Oils Review

You can get this same checklist from my post “Things You Need To Know When Buying Essential Oils


miracle essential oils review

So let’s move through our checklist and see what kind of score we get…

  • Organic -NO
  • Undiluted – Maybe
  • 100% Pure Essential Oil or Unadulterated Essential Oil – NO
  • Extraction Method -UNKNOWN
  • Latin or Botanical Name of the Plant -YES
  • Country Where Plants Are Grown and Oils Are Extracted From – UNKNOWN

Wow… that was fast, we where able to move very quickly through that checklist and the results are not very good. So far we have a score of 1.5 out of 6!!

That’s the lowest score yet. 🙁

My Over All Opinion of Miracle Essential Oils

Overall, I’m not that thrilled with the website. It seems simple enough and the when you start looking around… it’s to simple. There’s no information – like none! Not anything of importance anyway… and when you click the “learn more” text it just repeats that same information. Now that’s frustrating and suspicious if you ask me.


I chose to compare Miracle Essential Oils pricing to one of my more recent reviews…DoTerra because it’s a very well known brand and used by alot of people. Price wise we can see that Miracle Essential Oils is a few dollars cheaper then DoTerra by the image below, which also means they’re cheaper then Young Living as well… but their prices are still in the higher price bracket for the industry and considering their quality… I would say they are super overpriced.

miracle vs doterra

They’ve really made this one easy for me…
honestly I wouldn’t recommend Miracle Essential Oils to anyone.

  1. Because they have such a low score on our checklist
  2. Because their prices are high considering their quality
  3. There is not enough information about the source, extraction method or even the purity of their oils to even justify safely buying form them.


I am curious as to why people are actually buying Miracle Essential Oils…if you’re coming across this post and currently buy Miracle Essential Oils – I would love to hear why you buy them, really just curious. Maybe there is something I don’t know about the company and can add it to my review, so please leave your feedback about Miracle in the comments below so we an all benefit from your experience!


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